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DPL Insights

An insight-giving system for diamond traders. With the help of the Get-Diamonds website, which is a diamond marketplace, the system gives an up-to-date analyze of the diamond market at any given time.


September 2021 - Today


Liran Ohana - Head of Product
Oren Peleg - CTO
Ronny Asraf - Product designer


Dashboard, Desktop, Mobile design





Lucy Platforms is a company that specializes in providing technological solutions to the diamond-trading world.
The company has several products:
Get Diamonds - the largest market place in the world, in collaboration with the World Diamond Federation,
DPL Calculator - an application for calculating the price of a diamond.
There are several other products in the development phase.
DPL insights is the company's third product, which launched in August 22.


A field that is not open to the worlds of data and data analysis

As of today, the world of b2b diamonds is very outdated. This is an industry in which technology has not yet entered like the other industries, and the brokers work with very old-fashioned methods. In general, a broker doesn't have the digital tools to help him truly analyze the worth of his diamond stock in comparison to the current market . He can only do it manually, which is slow and could result in inaccurate data.

Currently, there is no tidy place where parents can see pictures of their children from kindergarten, certainly not from everyday life in kindergarten. The pictures are sent in a disorganized way on WhatsApp, and get lost among the thousands of files on the parents' phones, what's more it is a nightmare to find a picture of your child among the hundreds of pictures in these groups.
This is exactly the problem that the app came to solve. A place where it will be possible to see the pictures of the children from the kindergarten, in an orderly manner by dates, without the pictures getting lost. You can always see the photos, you can add comments and you can download the photos you like to your phone. The significant feature here is face recognition - the app will first show you your child's photos, and only then the rest of the photos.

The Solution


A data-based system, which immediately draws the most up-to-date data from the largest marketplace in the diamond world.


A simple and easy system to operate and understand


A system that displays updated data of the broker's stock according to the market, and also presents suggestions for optimization


A simple and easy system to operate and understand

Market Research

Since there is no similar system in the market, there are no direct competitors. Therefore the research focused on companies that present all kinds of data, and not necessarily specifically in the diamond world.

Group 10870.png



The product we are developing does not exist on the market yet, but there are rumors that other competing companies are working on a similar products


There are many data products on the market that, with a little tweaking, can fit the needs of the diamond market


In order for our product to be successful, it is important to concisely present the most important data to brokers

User Research

The user research included a large number of people in the diamonds business, from small diamond traders to the managers of the largest companies in the market.

It doesn't make sense that there is no product on the market today that can give me accurate data about my stock!

A product like you are planning can save a lot of working hours a day for brokers, I will be the first customer

I have thousands of diamonds in stock, and I cannot tell today whether my stock is relevant to the market or not, only if I go through the stones one by one, and that takes a lot of time



All of the people we talked to will be happy to use a solution that would make their daily work easier


Currently, most diamond traders waste time and effort in manual market research


It is important that our system will be as simple and easily understood, as most people in the industry are older and not used to tech


The process of creating the persona is an important process, which helps to better understand the people for whom we are developing the product. Although the personas are imaginary, they are based on the people we met during the research process.

Made Your User Persona Here.png
Made Your User Persona Here-1.png

Site Tree

Group 10871.png

Design System

The whole system was done in parallel with the creation of a design system, ie a uniform graphic language which includes color, typography, components of all types and icons. It's an ever-changing process, and the design system has grown along with the app.


The main page of the website. The page includes a section summarizing the economic situation in the market at the moment, a list of the most sold diamonds in the market according to various parameters that can be filtered and a heatmap and graph for specific diamonds.



The page shows the recent price changes in the market according to our data. The page is full of data in a beautiful and easy-to-understand visual analysis. There are tables of the most sold diamonds, a graph that shows the distribution of sellers according to different dates, a heatmap and tables of biggest changes of price per type of diamond (round or fancy)



Similar to the Price page, it uses the same visual system to analyze the supply side of the diamond trade. Using the same visual language makes it easier for diamond-traders to understand the data and help them. 



Perhaps the most important page in the system. The page organizes each broker's stock personally, and presents him with diverse and different data regarding his stock - an updated list of the stock, a score grading the stock according to defined parameters, a comparison of the supplier's prices versus the market price and most importantly - important insights based on all available data to help the broker improve his business.

My Stock

my stock.png

A search page where you can search for a specific diamond with defined values, and get all relevant information about it - average price, changes, how attractive the diamond is compared to other diamonds, lists of diamonds with similar values ​​and a breakdown of the lowest, highest and average price of the two.

Diamond Search


A page where you can add alerts regarding increases and decreases of specific diamonds. The user can define the diamond that interests him, and set the type of alert - when the diamond goes up or down, at what price, etc. In addition to setting the alert, all previous alerts are also viewable, as well as the active alerts and watchlist.



Future Plans

DPL is constantly growing, and is always looking to add new features that will improve the experience for the diamond brokers. These days we are doing A/B testing in order to understand which pages our users are most interested in, so we can develop new features based on what our clients need the most.

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