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A platform for designers and fabricators to create orders for kitchen and vanity projects. This project includes the design of a complex system, and the characterization of new processes and their introduction into the existing system in a harmonious, while maintaining the existing graphic language and using a design system.


2023 - Until today


Genesis labs


UX / UX design



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This project is one of the most interesting projects I have ever worked on. I came to the project after a designer interrupted the graphic language of the product, and hence I had to develop and tighten it. We introduced many new processes into the system, and it was important for us to maintain a uniform language throughout the process.

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the main work

The main work I worked on is the development and implementation of new processes in the system. The processes included a process of characterization, research and thinking, and then design.


The system included two dashboards - one for the designer and one for the fabricator. I was asked to redesign them in a way that would present the data in a better way than the way it was before.

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Multiple Projects Flow

One of the most complex processes I have characterized and designed. Up to that point it was possible to make one order at a time, and in the new process we have adapted a process that includes several orders. The process affected many places in the system and required deep thinking and adjustments in different places.

Choose Fabricator

I was asked to characterize a process that includes the selection of a fabricator at the beginning of the process. The page had to be clear and present all the options in the best possible way. Later on, the choice affects other places in the system, something that required analysis and rethinking.

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More work

Design system

One of the first things I did in this project was to prepare a design system and make sure it was integrated into the existing screens. This was necessary to continue working on the system, because as the system grows, the importance of the design system is evident on every page.


Before I arrived, there was no control over the actual design versus the design in Pygma. As part of the process, I was asked to go through the screens that were developed in all the different resolutions and to make them as accurate as possible according to the design.

Other tasks

As part of the work, I am responsible for characterizing processes and presenting them to various parties in the company. The presentation should be accurate and convey the message.
Beyond that, I have the responsibility to go through the system and make sure that there are no missing processes and that everything works as it should in terms of the user experience.

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